Saturday, July 7, 2012

Should Abortions Be Illegal?

I have thought about this question for awhile now. Abortions in Colorado are legal to have and I think that they should stay legal. There are pros and cons for abortions; pros, if your not ready to have a child you don't have to have one which is the persons decision and no one else should be able to decide that. However, the cons to abortion are that it can increase the risk of breast cancer, placenta previa, pre-term births, and maternal suicide. (Shadigan, 2004) Two to five percent of women who have abortions become infertile from getting PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) or damage that occurs to the uterus during the procedure. Before anyone get's an abortion they need to know the risks that could potentially happen.

Others who think that abortion should be illegal believe that if a women becomes pregnant then it's her duty to become a mother and raise the child. Religion also has a big factor in believing that abortion should be illegal. I read an article called, "7 Reasons Why Abortion Should be Illegal," on All Women Stalk. The seven reasons why abortion should be illegal are; it is ending a life (murder), the child doesn't have a choice, adoption is another option, many women are endangered by abortions, doctors are suppose to save lives, times have changed, and there would be less mental anguish caused. But for those people who think that it should be illegal, what if the girl was raped, then what? Questions will always rise about this sore subject, but will we ever be able to agree?

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